60 seconds with Tome

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
At Freedom, I work on Wholesale, Production and Technical jobs on international level. I recruit for clients in supply with operations outside UK (Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia). The type of jobs I usually recruit for include Production Managers, Garment Technologists, Sourcing Managers, Quality Control Managers, Product Developers etc.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
I bring very unique, technical knowledge in the garment manufacturing industry, which is something I’m happy to share with my colleagues in order to help them find the right candidates for their clients.

Why is third party recruitment the best way for a client to find their perfect candidate and visa versa?
Third party recruitment is the best way for clients to find candidates because usually we are very efficient and effective in what we do. We’ve got huge database of candidates which gives us the edge when trying to match jobs with candidates.. Clients usually can’t afford to invest so much resource in recruitment, and that is why they rely on third party recruiters.

Being a production manager for 6 years, how does your experience help your candidates and clients?
Firstly, working as a production manager for 6 years helps me understand what the clients need and what the candidates can provide. I can understand the actual job which the clients need to fill because I’ve come across people who were in the same situation, and I understand the tasks which the candidate needs to perform. It is also very helpful when speaking to candidates, because I can better explain what are the job requirements and the tasks which they will have in that position. Additionally, candidates feel more confident when they speak with somebody who understands their skills and abilities and what they are looking for on their next career move.

How does your degree in business management help in recruitment in international production for fashion?
Although my degree is not directly related to recruitment, it helps me think in a certain way which I believe was going to be impossible without my education. I feel like I have a better understanding of the importance of the human resources to the management team and why they are allocating big budgets in order to recruit the best possible candidates. Also, studying abroad has helped me understand the international environment and learn additional languages, which so far has proven to be very helpful working in international recruitment.