Pattern Cutters

Bella (206898) Creative & Gerber Designer Pattern Cutter
Bella is an excellent creative manual pattern cutter, working on both flat & draping pattern work, as well as an excellent Gerber Pattern Cutter. She has worked for a number of leading designers on their collections and is also an expert on fit. Bella is currently freelancing 3 days a week at very well known brand. She is available to freelance for 2 days a week ongoing.

Mark (141501) Couture Pattern Cutter
Mark has just got back from China where he produced a leading designer’s collection. He is very well known in industry for his couture patterns and draping. Mark is very creative, has a hands on approach and likes to work alongside the creative directors, giving support on each design from sketch to advising factories on grades etc. He is also very strong on manual pattern cutting.

Vanessa (193575) Designer Pattern Cutter
Vanessa is also a strong, creative manual pattern cutter. She used to always work for a well known couture brand and has also worked through Freedom with various luxury brands.. She is immediately available to freelance and has always received excellent feedback.

Diane (193691) Creative & Production Pattern Cutter
Diane is a fantastic candidate who has a real mix of experience. She previously worked for a premium brand as Head Pattern Cutter. Prior to there she was the Head pattern cutter for a bridal and occasion wear designer where she created from first patterns and worked with clients on made to measure projects. She has worked with various designers and has strong ladieswear experience. Having had worked with various designers as well as suppliers, Diane is a very skilled and a fast pattern cutter.

Sarah (202329) Gerber & Manual Pattern Cutter
Sarah has been working for a very well known designer for the last 2 years where she has been working on Gerber and manual patterns. Prior to this, Sarah worked manually creatively for clients including a lot of well known designers. Sarah has been freelancing for us as a Gerber Pattern Cutter for a number of leading LFW designers too.