60 seconds with Aaron

 Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I am a Senior Recruiter of Retail Head Office r jobs specializing in International Buying and Merchandising in Fashion. My role involves maintaining and building relationships with existing and new clients as we are sourcing the finest talent within the Buying & Merchandising sector internationally, from Mid-Senior level positions to Director positions covering Fashion & Retail.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
I bring over 13 years of fashion and retail buying experience as well as over 4 years experience in international recruitment. This makes it easy to communicate to clients and candidates as well as my colleagues at Freedom.

Has travelling in different countries helped you have a more holistic view of the fashion industry?
I would definitely say that being well travelled has helped me in my job as a recruiter. Not only travelling on a personal basis which is a passion of mine but I have also done many international trips within my roles as a buyer and a recruiter in both Oil & Gas and my current role in Fashion recruitment. Travelling gives you a better insight into how different cultures and people are from one another and there is no better experience of this when you see this first hand.

Does being a previous buyer help with choosing the ‘right’ candidate?
I wouldn’t say that being a buyer helps me to find the right candidate as there are many different types of buying positions and the role does vary from company to company. What I would say, is that if you have experience in your field, it helps and makes it easier to understand the job you are trying to fill and therefore makes speaking to candidates easier.

What’s placement are you most proud of?
I am proud of all my placements as international placements are never easy.