How To Know It Is Time To Leave

Have you ever left your work wanting to hand your notice in the following morning? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone has that odd bad day at the office, but how do you make sure that bad day doesn’t turn into a bad month, or even a bad year. Firstly, always listen to your gut. When you know it’s time to leave, it’s probably time to leave. If you have a negative mindset towards your job, it’s only going to get worse so you should absolutely start to consider a change. We have identified 5 common signs that show its time to quit your job.

1. You Dread Going To Work.
Do you often go to sleep dreading the next day at work? Do you dread your alarm going off in the morning? Do you spend your weekend anxious about the week ahead? While it’s normal to have qualms about work, it is detrimental to spend your week and weekend dreading those eight hours at the office. If this is you, you may want to consider a move.

2. Your Work Has Become Boring.
If you spend most of your day looking at the clock, doing online shopping and playing games its time to pack it in. Although feelings of boredom can be quite a common trait in the workplace, researchers believe that consistent, prolonged feelings of boredom at work are warning signs that you are not doing what you want to be doing and are searching for something more. So, if you find yourself continually procrastinating, it may be time to leave your job.

3. Your Work Is Affecting Your Health.
Work can be exhausting for everyone and feeling tired and drained may not necessarily mean its time to hand in your notice. However, if you have noticed changes in your health such as significant weight loss or gain or inconsistent sleep patterns, you may want to consider a new start. The physical, emotional and mental exhaustion from consistently stressing about work can be extremely detrimental to your health. No job is worth sacrificing your wellness.

4. There Is No Potential For Growth.
Don’t waste your time in a position that doesn’t offer opportunities for growth. It is very easy to get stuck in a job and if you love what you’re doing, being stuck can also be very comfortable. However, it is also important to remember every job you undergo should enhance your skills and build your experience. Developing your abilities adds value to your existence as an employee; this is crucial to a healthy career. You can be at a job for several years but without growth and new challenges, all you really have is one year of experience repeated several times. If you are not learning or progressing, move on.

5. You Have A Negative Attitude And Mindset.
Instead of doing your daily work related tasks and activities, you find yourself sinking into a daydream of exactly what you would do if you weren’t trapped in your job. Over the last few months slowly every day has turned itself into a Dress Down Friday. You’re constantly fed up and even little things like your manager giving you the most basic of tasks, leaves you feeling unmotivated and unchallenged. If any of these ring any bells, its time to consider a change. Your attitude towards your job is crucial to a good job satisfaction. Your negative attitude is already causing problems and the more you dwell in your current role, the worse your going to feel.

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