60 seconds with Gabriella

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I specialise in recruiting senior fashion designers through to the head of fashion design and design directors for global fashion brands. My Clients are high street and fast fashion retailers as well as mid market and luxury fashion companies.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
I bring true passion for recruiting top quality candidates for my clients. I believe that quality is better than quantity. If the job isn’t right for the candidate, I will not use them.

Are there any differences between the requirements of a UK client compared to an International client?
I have never dealt with UK Clients for jobs in the UK, however, I hear from my colleagues that for UK clients a must requirement on candidates is “previous on-the-job UK experience”, to demonstrate UK market knowledge. My international fashion clients value international experience possibly in more than 1 country and generally require candidates for Senior Designer jobs upward.

Have you seen a small time designer grow into a global client?
Yes, as I have been with this Company almost 10 years, I have several clients that used to be my candidates, but have left their job and made a successful career being a designer in the fashion industry.

How inclined are our clients to relocate families?
They are not very happy to relocate families, but if the job is a very Senior role (e.g. Creative Director etc.) they are prepared to help all the family to relocate.