60 seconds with Sharn

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I recruit the best talent within Retail and Wholesale internationally within the fashion industry. I source from Assistant Store Managers all the way to Country Managers. I've recruited for jobs in an array of different countries across the globe; I match the best candidates to the given job description.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
Coming from Nike's flagship store where I was hands on on the shop floor and worked within the recruitment team, it gave me the tools I needed to find the hardest working and dedicated candidates for each job. Due to my performing arts background, I'm a very sociable and confident person which I believe are good traits to have within fashion and recruitment.

Coming from a performing arts background, how has this helped you succeed within in a team environment?
Working in the acting industry for over 8 years gave me the opportunity to work with countless people and gave me the skills to adapt to any environment I'm put into.

How important is a candidate’s appearance within retail ops?
Yes, appearance is definitely a factor when recruiting in Retail and Fashion; they have to have the full package. The candidate needs to represent the brand in all aspects, it's key to live, eat and breathe the brand.

Are clients more inclined to pay higher salaries to candidates willing to relocate?
Depending on the company, some are more open to relocate candidates with more International experience, whereas others are a bit more specific on where they want their candidates to come from. 9 times out of 10, a company pays a relocation package.