60 seconds with Sarah

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I recruit for all Fashion Studio staff freelance and permanent. I also manage the Permanent Production, Technical & Wholesale Team at Freedom.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
I’ve been with freedom for 12 years, so probably just old age! I have recruited for freelance & Permanent Production, Technical, Wholesale & Buying and Merchandising. This gives me an extensive bulk of knowledge within the fashion industry that helps both my clients and my candidates.

Does a candidate need more on the job experience when applying for a temporary job compared to a permanent job?
Not necessarily, experience in fashion all depends on the candidate, the company in which the candidate is applying for and the job they are applying for.

Do smaller start-up brands find it harder to attract the best talent when competing with large corporate brands?
Not in our field. The great thing about fashion is people have a real passion for what they. They are not always led by financial gain; it is often about if a product or brand that excites them.

What is your biggest achievement within fashion recruitment?
My team, I think. To have a team in recruitment, who work together and support each other is very beneficial. A team that all genuinely want their colleagues to do well is not easy to achieve. I think we have this in Production, and instead we work together against our external competitors. We are successful recruiting for our clients because of this.