60 seconds with Ruby

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I am a Senior Recruitment Consultant managing permanent production, technical and wholesale jobs across various fashion, beauty, retailers and suppliers from entry level through to senior recruitment. We focus on both clients and candidate care, and it's key to build up successful relationships with them both.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
Having previously worked in the fashion and retail industry, my expertise and knowledge of production, technical and wholesale allows me to understand and relate to both my clients, in terms of recruiting employees and my candidates, when talking through their experiences at previous jobs and their future requirements.

Does the production world favour big businesses?
In fashion, there are various sizes of business. Some of my clients have a small team of 5 employees, through to bigger brands or suppliers who have more than 100 people in the business. Some of the biggest names in the fashion and retail world have the smallest production and tech teams! I don't feel there is a favour towards big business as there are so many other factors that get taken into consideration. As a recruitment company, I don't feel like we favour bigger business. Some candidates looking for recruitment only want to work for a house hold brand. Whereas some candidates only want to work for a smaller business, so they can have a more 'hands-on' job experience.

Have you ever recruited someone for production that has gone on to make their own line of clothing?
I have previously recruited someone for a fashion supplier job just after I joined Freedom. She has now gone on to set up and launch her own accessory brand with her friend which is now sold globally.

Is a degree essential for a permanent job?
It depends on the job. If it is a technical job, as well as an internship, candidates would require some sort of education within pattern cutting, construction and quality so they understand how garments are made. This does not have to be a fashion degree; however something closely related may help. For example, in Wholesale and Production - I have previously placed someone in a job, who didn't come from a fashion background or with a fashion related degree. I have also successfully placed candidates who may have done a business / history or psychology degree for example but they are now doing fashion production or sales. We recruit for anyone that we can, no matter if you have a degree or not, we will try to find you your favourite job.