60 Seconds with Mara



Briefly explain your role at Freedom?

My job at Freedom is to recruit for roles as junior as a design assistants, all the way through to senior roles such as head of design and creative directors, however mainly senior roles. This is for well known high street, premium and luxury brands with in the fashion industry, on a global level.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?

I bring an expertise in design with industry background in fashion and a fashion degree. This knowledge gives me a unique understanding of the industry that I can share with my fellow companions.

What’s your best achievement within design at Freedom?

My best achievement is to have successfully relocated many fashion designers abroad with companies they had not thought about applying directly with. Knowing they now love the country and their new job is very satisfying for me.

Are there any differences between the average candidates for international clients compared to candidates for UK companies?

There are no real differences between candidates generally; any UK candidate could be a good match for a company abroad depending on what the client is looking for. Most clients we work with internationally are well known brands with big teams. So team spirit and an open mind set is needed to be able to adapt to cultural differences and to settle in well. Learning another language or ideally the local language is a big plus, even if the company language is English.

What country do you recruit in the most?

I mainly recruit for companies based in Europe however I do have some clients based in Australia and Asia.