60 seconds with Jose


Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I work as a consultant for the Buying and Merchandising division, specialising in the UK market. My main goal is to connect the best candidates to the adequate clients. 

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
I am dynamic, innovative and a collaborative person always willing to learn and develop myself in new areas.

Living in many countries, adapting to different cultures, do you think this gives you a overall view of the industry?
Yes, absolutely. Coming from Spain and travelling in the south of Europe; where the fashion industry is fundamental in every day life, has allowed me to experience different cultures. This has given me different skills and a unique understanding of how the fashion industry works holistically which gives me a more accurate ideology when it comes to recruiting.

Studying HR for 4 years and working in HR; does this give you a better understanding of the process of business?
Yes, it helps to have a better understanding of how the in house process works and how important is to recruit the right candidate, not only at a personal level, but at an economical level too.

Do you have any advice for candidates reading this looking to get into B + M?
If you are interested in starting a career in B&M, you must have a good understanding of the different jobs and requirements with in buying and merchandising. The last thing you want is to get down the line with a company and realise the job isn’t for you.