60 seconds with Aurelie

Briefly explain your role at Freedom?
I joined Freedom to develop the marketing & digital team within the international desk. I focus on finding the best digital & marketing talent globally across all levels, covering acquisition, retention, CRM, affiliates, digital and traditional marketing, ecommerce, trading, social, creative design, content, copy and PR.

What do you feel you typically bring to Freedom?
Being French, it allows me to comfortably deal with developing the French market; this is also assisted by being fluent in French. Also, our French clients are more confident to speak with someone who knows the French culture and can understand their values. I have worked within the digital sector for 5 years and have developed a strong network and bags of experience.

Are there many entry level jobs within the digital industry of fashion and does this change across seas?
Much experience within fashion may not be necessary but a passion for retail is much more important. A love for the industry is key for success.

What’s the next upcoming development within the digital marketing world?
I have received more and more requests for e-commerce roles, specific for certain countries. For example, an e-commerce manager in Spain, Benelux or France. Also, titles have changed. Clients are looking for Head of Growth roles with a focus on PPC and paid channels whilst before there were globally, more general digital marketing roles.

Are more luxury fashion companies employing digital marketers?
Definitely, yes. Some clients are late to the party and only just starting to develop their digital teams. However, a lot of our clients approach us to develop their digital and marketing teams rather than start it. In the past, luxury companies only had a website which was an online image and however now, the majority of them have an e-commerce platform.

What is the normal starting salary for a post – graduate with a degree in fashion and digital marketing?
As I work in International, it really depends of the country and the company! But if I have to give you a range, it would be between £19 -25k.

Finally, why do you like working in fashion and what’s the best thing you’ve achieved so far?
I have been passionate about fashion since my childhood. My big challenge so far and one I am most proud of is how i handled my relocation 15 months ago, from Paris. I worked for a digital recruitment agency specialised in Startups and Pure Players. I came to the UK and now I work with fashion companies...I had to change my speech and communication. This was hard for me however I feel very accustomed to the culture and language now, which I think will carry on developing.